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Want X was born in 2017 & is the brainchild of its parent company Want Jewellery, that operates on the Gold Coast, Australia, nurtured by Andrew & Libby Want.
The concept for Want X was evolved in 2016, from meetings with the Celebrities we were working with, through our 22-year-old jewellery manufacturing company, Want Jewellery.
It came to our attention that our Celebrity clients wanted to create their own signature pieces, that they themselves wanted to wear, that could also be worn by their followers & fashion lovers alike.
Want X promises to give you a new spin on jewellery, giving you celebrity designed pieces of exceptional quality.
We have a strong trust in community, so to “give back” & create awareness  for things that we believe  in, Want X will donate part of the profits from the different ranges, to charities that need our help.
Want X promises to be Xceptional.

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