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This is just a taste of what we have available as we source our diamonds and gems both nationally and internationally depending on the request
Purchasing a diamond or gem from us is different from other jewellers.
We offer you up to five diamonds or gems to choose from, in your budget, from up to fifteen different suppliers.
This way you know that you are purchasing the best Diamond or Gem in Australia for your budget.
Our resident Diamond and Gem Grader/Valuer (Libby) will go through the diamonds or gems individually. It’s more of a diamond or gem education session. With this you will become confident and understand what you are purchasing. Please allow up to an hour for this.

We don’t own any of the diamonds or gems we show you so we have no bias and only give you the facts about each diamond or gem.
This helps you make the decision based on the merit of each diamond or gem.
We strongly believe that a diamond or gem needs to be viewed in person and not purchased off a certificate. A diamond or gem can be wonderful on paper but time after time it doesn’t live up to its “stats” when it arrives.
When you find a diamond or gem on the vault, that you are interested in, please either email or call us with the identification/stock code (first column) so we can make sure it is still available and find other comparable diamonds/gems that you might also be interested in. Please note that this process can take up to three days.
We guarantee the best value for you budget and high quality diamonds and gems.

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