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Certificate of valuation


It can be extremely upsetting to lose a piece of jewellery, however it is devastating to be informed by your insurance company that your claim is being denied because your piece is not professionally valued.

A valuation involves examining the item to assess the gemstones, metal, workmanship and general quality of the item and value it on the current market conditions.

Consumers should only accepts valuations that clearly state the purpose of the document i.e. insurance replacement, auction reserve, forced or unforced sale, secondhand, private sale, divorce settlement and deceased estate and in the market in which it is being based (store, internet, auction etc).

A valuation can be used to prove ownership, verify authenticity, describe the piece in detail and determine its value.

A valuation should never be used as a sales tool.

Libby is a Registered Valuer with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) and will provide you with a valuation in accordance to the NCJV Code of Ethics. Libby values independently under the business name DFL Valuation Services please visit for more information.


Want Jewellery is an agent for The Q Report Jewellery Insurance.
Q Report offers the following:
• 12 months’ worldwide cover
• Immediate cover
• Agreed value policy
• Your chosen Jeweller to look after your claim in case of loss or damage
• Annual revaluations
• Backed by Chubb

The Q Report provides customers with immediate international insurance against loss or damage for 12 months.
This unique insurance innovation is a world first.
For more information, please visit The Q Report website.

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