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Repairs, Restoration and Remodelling

The jewellers at Want Jewellery are specialists in Repairing, Restoring & Remodelling Jewellery

When a piece is deemed to be unrepairable it will eventually come to us to be assessed and 90% of the "unrepairable" will be successfully repaired. With the other 10% we will always be honest and transparent in our suggestions on what can/can’t be done. We go where others fear to tread because of our team of highly experienced Jewellers. All repairs are done onsite & have the peace of mind, that you are dealing with the jeweller that is going to complete your repair, not a middle man.

Before & After

Our team understands that your jewellery is precious to you and has great sentimental value & we treat it with the respect it deserves. Our restoration, salvaging and recreating vintage pieces is second to none & our team is dedicated to making sure your piece maintains its uniqueness and sentimentality.

We also remodel old jewellery into new jewellery and will be completely honest if your piece of jewellery is not completely repairable and ready for this process, instead of just repairing it, knowing that it will be Pandora’s Box for future repairs. We have pride ourselves on turning jewellery box trash into beautiful new creations. We love a challenge and will suggest some incredible things to make your old stuff into your treasured new family heirlooms. Remodelling will save you a lot of money (because you are supplying all the materials), help save the planet (by not buying new gold adding to the pollution & destruction of that process) and get you get a beautiful new piece of jewellery that is exactly what you Want.
All jewellery left with us, is insured by us, while it is in our care.

Meet the Team

Andrew Want the Owner of Want Jewellery is onsite on the bench and overseeing all jobs that come into the workshop. He has been a jeweller on the Gold Coast for the past 21 years starting his apprenticeship with Robert Paul Jewellers in Southport. He is an award-winning jeweller and designer. Andrew is a very talented CAD (Computer Aided Design) operator and has helped many of Australia’s leading jewellers develop and design their exclusive ranges using this state of the art technology. Andrew embraced the move to CAD 15 years ago, and now exclusively designs all our pieces this way (for more information on this technology please view our Custom-Made Page). Andrew is known as a perfectionist and he prides himself on his attention to detail & going that extra mile for every client.

Dale Venus is our Senior Jeweller with 40 years’ experience on the bench. Dale started his Apprenticeship in 1971 and has worked with Hornsby and Robinson Jewellers and then owned and operated his own business “Venus Jewellers” on the Sunshine Coast. Dale was also employed with Birkbecks Jewellers in Southport for a period of 12 years. Dale is down to earth and an excellent goldsmith he prides himself on making sure the clients are happy and giving them the best quality work on their Jewellery & in Dale’s words – Producing "a damn nice product". The Weirdest thing he has ever created was a yellow gold & diamond peeled Banana pin for Jackie MacDonald (Hey Hey its Saturday).
Andrew and Dale as a team have designed and crafted jewellery for Guy Sebastian, 360, Adam Pine (Olympic Gold Medallist), The Paralympic Swim team 2016 and Rosanna Arkle just to name a few.

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