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Memorial Gemstones – A celebration of love longer that life

As a very special and unique service to our clients, we have researched the best techniques for transforming ashes & hair into beautiful created Rubies or Sapphires.

This is a way of bringing comfort to the one left behind, as it is a reminder of the grace our loved ones revealed while they were alive.

Every gemstone has individual characteristics, just like the being it is made from. Each gemstone will have inclusions and you can have the natural coloured version or you can request a customised colour through the addition of further elements (oxides).

10g of hair or 100g of ashes is all we need to complete this process. A confirming report of the recovered elements from the hair or ashes can also be produced on request. Please note, for human remains to go through this process, a death & cremation certificate is also required.

The gemstone will have an identification number lazered onto it, which is ISO certified. The whole process is transparent and completely accountable.

Once the hair or ashes have been received, the production process takes around ninety days. The gemstone creation process costs *$4418* for a 0.50ct round, princess, baguette or cabochon style cut gem. Larger sizes are available on request.

Gemstones can also be supplied rough (uncut) & average 4ct in size. These will cost *$5999*. Larger sizes are available on request.

We can then use this very precious gemstone, to create a beautiful custom made piece of jewellery, for you to wear to keep their memory alive.

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*Note* that prices are only a guide and are accurate as at 23/11/16. These prices are subject to change. Please contact us to confirm prices.

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