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Eternity Rings

Traditionally the eternity ring or infinity ring is given from a husband to a wife and is a symbol of never ending love. The eternity ring usually completes the wedding set and is worn on the top side of the engagement ring. It is traditionally up to the husband when or if he gives his wife an eternity ring; but these days the couple usually makes that decision together. The eternity ring is usually a diamond set version of the wedding ring and the eternity part of the ring is that the stones go all the way around. There are half eternity versions where the stones only go to half way around the ring and there are three quarter eternities where the stones go three quarter around the ring. The more common occasions an eternity ring is gifted include:
- First Year Anniversary
- Birth of you first Child
- 10 Year anniversary
The most important thing to remember about a full set version of the eternity ring is that it is difficult to resize.

Our “Cradle” style wedding and eternity rings, takes all the stress off your husband, on deciding just when he might gift you an eternity ring. The cradle is a wedding and eternity side, incorporated into the wedding ring. The cradle is a perfect way to complete your wedding set on your wedding day. The cradle will protect your engagement ring from future damage and keeps your engagement ring perfectly in place within the design. To see if your engagement ring is suitable for this design please contact us.

We are the experts on getting you exactly what you want and we have crafted many stunning designs to incorporate the kids into eternity rings too. We can add birthstones or pink and blue diamonds to represent the kids into an eternity ring design.

“Greening Up” your Eternity Ring

We love doing things differently and where we can save the planet. Did you know that, it takes approximately 20 tonnes of gold bearing earth, to be moved to find the gold to make one 18ct gold eternity ring and then there is the pollution on top of that.We offer a unique service for “greening up” that process up. Our concept, to help save the planet is that, you go through your jewellery box and remodel all those old or broken bits of jewellery into your new eternity ring. It’s not only saving the planet one ring at a time but it’s also saving you money and getting rid of all that old broken stuff that you don’t wear anymore and make it into an incredible new piece that is exactly what you Want! If you need any more information, please contact us.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any ideas you might have for your eternity ring design.

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