Get exactly what you want..

Met the Person of your dreams?

You may have known at first glance, or it may have taken a few years, but now you know that this person “is the one”. They blow your mind; melts your heart and you know, deep down, that life would not be complete without them.

Congratulations! It’s time to propose and get engaged

The Engagement

Modern – The diamond promise

The ultimate superstar treatment…

Some like to propose with just the diamond and/or gemstone because from there all we need to know is what shape, gem and colour your partner likes. People that propose this way are then totally off the hook and eliminate the risk of not getting the right size or style of ring.

Purchasing a diamond from us is different from other jewellers. We offer you up to six diamonds to choose from, in your budget, from up to fifteen different suppliers.
This way you know that you are purchasing the best Diamond in Australia for your budget.
Our resident Diamond Grader/Valuer (Libby) will go through the diamonds individually with you so you totally understand what you are purchasing. We don’t own any of the diamonds we show you so we have no bias and only give you the facts about each diamond. This helps you make the decision based on the merit of each diamond.

When you propose with the diamond/gem and they say yes, the next stop is a consultation with us, (usually the same day) to design the ring of their dreams.
Usually the engagement, wedding and eternity rings go as a set on the same finger, therefore it is preferable to design the three rings together and no remodeling is required.

This is the ultimate superstar treatment and very exclusive, so you can be guaranteed that you will both remember this forever!

Traditional – Ready made

Do your research and propose with the ring…

The traditional proposal is where you place the ring on their finger during the proposal. This means that you will need to be completely organized before the proposal (with our help of course).
Firstly, gather some ideas of what your partner likes.

Here’s a tip:
Go window shopping, start by looking for a new watch for yourself and watch them drift down to the engagement ring section. Humor them and take notice... let them try it on, this way you will know if they like the style and you can find out their ring size at the same time.

Then come see us, give us your budget and let us do all the work for you.
We will help you choose the best diamond/gemstone, personalize the ring design for you and have it ready for the big day.

Remodeling or Restoring – Sentimental & affordable

Propose with the diamond and design together…

The Want Jewellery designers are extremely sentimental and would love to see you use your grandmother's diamond in your new engagement ring. The best advice we give is to gather up all your old gold and gems (you can ask the families to donate to your cause) and make an appointment to see us and we will go through this process with you step by step.
If you have the materials already, it can save you a lot of hard earned cash and it is something special to create an heirloom that has sentimental value to begin with.

If you are considering this option, we recommend proposing with the diamond and designing the ring together.

If you want to use grandma's ring, make an appointment to see us first so we can professionally clean, check and service the ring for you before you propose just to make sure that it is not going to fall apart with the first knock, as it has already had a lifetime of wear from Gran!

The team at Want Jewellery work best with a budget, that you can afford, there is no point over stretching your budget (money is one of the first things to argue about so let’s not start off on the wrong foot). Think about what you can afford and start there. We also offer Certegy Ezi Pay Interest Free Finance and After Pay Interest Free Finance please click on the link for more details or come in and have a chat with us about this in more detail.

After you have some ideas and have an idea of what they would like, give us a call to arrange your first appointment. This is free and we will sit down and guide you through the next stages.

The best gemstones to use in an engagement ring are diamonds and sapphires which come in all shapes and colours and are renowned for their durability. Just remember, this is a ring that is being worn in everyday and every way and must be able to bear life's knocks, so quality counts.

Depending on the style of the ring, it can up to 4 weeks to complete so keep this in mind when you are planning the proposal date.

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